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Legal Stuff


My site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to do stuff like store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics – nothing very exciting. It says stuff like “X number of people visited. Y came from Facebook. Here are some Google Searches that led people to your site.” That’s about it.

If you don’t like cookies then then I suggest you either use private browsing or disable cookies in your browser.

The About Cookies website can offer further guidance.


I participate in the Amazon Associates Programme. If you buy anything via a link to Amazon on my site or in my shop I get a small cut (about 5%). This fee is paid by Amazon not you.

However, I do have a little integrity. Every book/DVD/game on the site is one I have actually watched/read/played and is one I’d honestly recommend to my friends (although often with some caveats, which can be read in my reviews). For example, I’ve read a ton of books on writing and only recommend the handful that I found genuinely eye-opening.

Email Privacy

Every month I write a free short story just for my friends. It’s not been published anywhere else, and the first people who get to read it are the ones who sign up to have it emailed to them. I have no intention whatsoever of either spamming people or in abusing their email details. The emails are not held by me, but on MailChimp (a mailing list marketing company) servers, which are secure. I use the email adddresses that I have been trusted with only to send out the monthly story.

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