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Friends Doing Cool Stuff

This page is dedicated to congratulating and admiring friends of mine who have produced excellent creative work. I also write more detailed book reviews  particularly for espionage and alternate history novels.

NB: if you’d like to be featured on this page please email me.

When Ali Met Honour

When Ali Met Honour

Congratulations to my friends Nadeem Kahn and Anstey Spraggen, on the launch of their novel  When Ali Met Honour, written under the pseudonym Ruth Ahmed. I met Nadeem and Anstey on the Creative Writing MA at Manchester Metropolitan University where I was greatly impressed by both their writing. Here’s what the story is about:

When Ali and Honour meet on a student night out, they fall head over heels in love. But Ali’s a Muslim and his parents want him to marry a girl in Pakistan. And Honour’s an atheist and doesn’t believe in marriage. Soon Ali’s leading a double life: One in London with Honour, living every couple’s dream; another in Manchester, as the dutiful son. Meanwhile, Honour learns about a different way of life, insisting she will never convert. A contemporary story that tells us what it means to be young and in love in multicultural Britain.

Though I’ve not yet read the published version of When Ali Met Honour , I did read an early draft and it’s a fascinating and well written novel. It deserves to be a great success.

You can buy When Ali Met Honour  here .

The Prime Writers

The Prime Writers

Congratulations to my friends The Prime Writers on the launch of their website.

The Prime Writers are a group of talented writers who have one thing in common:  all of them were first published when they were over the age of 40. They all have great stories to tell, about their publishing journey, their writing, the topics of their books, and the writer’s life. They asked me for a quote and here it is:

Ernest Hemingway said that “Writing, at its best, is a lonely life” so thank god for friendly groups like The Prime Writers. From second novel blues to software advice, the support of other experienced authors has been invaluable to me.

Read more about them here:  The Prime Writers .

The Thirty Year Men

The Thirty Year Men band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Congratulations to my friends The Thirty Year Men , an indie-rock band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who have a new album called  Clothworks out now.

Clothworks brings together songs the band have been working on since they formed, influenced by 80’s & 90’s grunge, funk, and indie rock. It’s a polished album, featuring the singles  Rewind, Always Here to Stay, Fans of Yesterday and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

This is my favourite track: the ‘Orchestral Mix’ of Fans of Yesterday:

Learn more about the band at: The 30 Year Men  or buy Clothworks here .

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