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Guest Post Submissions

Although a niche website, has a good reputation (being shortlisted for the Blog North Awards for example), has a high rating on google and receives tens of thousands of visitors a month. It aims to be one of the best sites on the internet for people interested in reading and writing espionage and alternate history fiction.

If you’d like to gain writing credits along with back links and traffic from a targeted audience then you are welcome to apply to make a guest post.

How to Pitch a Guest Post

First, please email me with your proposal (pitch) for a guest post. You should pitch an article focussed on one of the following areas:

  • Espionage (and alternate history) novel and movie reviews.
  • Creative writing advice.
  • Publishing advice.
  • Factual espionage stories.
  • Alternate history articles.

Pitch Requirements

  • Tell me who you are and any relevant experience you have.
  • Tell me the title of your guest post.
  • Give me an outline of your article in five to ten bullet points.
  • Send a link to an example of your writing.
  • Please only pitch original articles related to espionage, alternate history or creative writing.
  • I only publish reviews of commercially published espionage and alternate history novels.
  • Please do not try to pitch a review of your own novel.

If I think your article is one that might work then I will invite you to send the whole article. I respond to all guest post pitches, but please note I only accept the best and I reject more than I accept.

Submitting your Guest Post

If I invite you to send the entire article then I’ll let you know the email address to send it to. Please submit articles in Microsoft Word format.

Guest Post Requirements

  • Please only submit original writing (i.e. I won’t accept any plagiarised, duplicate or ‘spun’ articles).
  • You assign worldwide rights to publish the article to me. This means you must agree not to post the same article elsewhere.
  • You are welcome to include a short author biography including a link to your own website and your social media contact details.
  • Articles that include promotional or affiliate links, or promotional blurb, in the article itself will not be accepted.
  • Your article should be substantial (i.e. 1,000 words, at least).
  • I will edit the article before publication. If necessary I will produce artwork.
  • I have final approval of all articles and my decision is definitive.

Review Requirements

I’m particularly interested in receiving reviews of commercially published espionage and alternate history novels. I have a house style for book reviews that your review should follow:

  • A logline
  • An approximately five hundred word plot synopsis
  • Two or three hundred words of analysis, with your views on the plot, the characters, the themes and the quality of the writing
  • A one sentence verdict
  • A brief review of any associated moves/TV/etc.

I look forward to reading your emailed pitch!

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