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Intelligence Agency Mottoes

A collection of posters displaying intelligence agency mottoes.

CIA Motto: The Truth will Make You Free

The full motto of the CIA is “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” which is a quote from the bible (John 8:32).

CIA Motto: The Truth Shall Make You Free

KGB Motto: Loyalty to the Party. Loyalty to the Motherland.

The KGB was the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency.

KGB Motto Crumpled and framed

Mossad Motto: Where No Counsel is the People Fall

This is Mossad’s motto. “By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.” was never Mossad’s motto, though it is often quoted as such.

Mossad Motto: Where No Counsel is the People Fall

MI6 Motto: Semper Occultus

Britain’s MI6 has the motto Semper Occultus, which means Always Secret. Interesting contrast with the CIA’s motto.

MI6 Motto: Semper Occultus, Always Secret

R&AW Motto: The Law Protects When it is Protected

India’s R&AW intelligence agency has an interesting motto about protecting the law.

R&AW Motto The Law Protects When it is Protected

If you’d like to request your favourite intelligence agency’s motto as a poster in a similar style, please email me. Otherwise please feel free to share them using the buttons below.

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