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A Kill in the Morning to be published by Transworld

My book A Kill in the Morning is to be published by Transworld! Here’s is the official picture of me celebrating. Underneath the cool exterior I am a maelstrom of delight and excitement. Graeme Shimmin on the occasion of Transworld agreeing to publish his first novel A Kill in the Morning

What happened to the Terry Pratchett Prize?

A Kill in the Morning was previously shortlisted for the Terry Pratchett prize. It didn’t win, losing out to The Hive Construct by Alexander Maskill. However, Simon Taylor, Editorial Director of  Transworld, was sufficiently impressed by my novel to enter it into the normal acquisitions process at the publishing house. This morning the acquisitions committee at Transworld offered to publish A Kill in the Morning. Simon commented:

A Kill in the Morning was one of the standout prize submissions from the off and has a lot of fans at Transworld, who not only loved the story (such fun!) but were also hugely impressed with both the writing and the confidence of the storytelling.

What is A Kill in the Morning about?

Book Cover Design for A Kill in the Morning: Mood Board

A Kill in the Morning is a spy thriller set in an altern­ate 1955, where the Second World War ended in 1941 with a peace treaty. The Nazis are still in power in Germany and engaged in a nuclear-armed cold war with Britain and the Soviet Union. The logline is:

After his mentor is assas­sin­ated, a British agent attempts to carry out a revenge attack on the chief of German secret ser­vice, but when he reaches Germany everything he thought he knew about the world is brought into question.

You can read more about it at: A Kill in the Morning.

Who are Transworld Publishers?

Transworld Publishers are part of Random House, one of the biggest publishing houses in the world. They publish authors such as Terry Prachett, Dan Brown, Lee Child, Frederick Forsyth, Andy McNab and many other huge names.

Want to Read A Kill in the Morning?

Read the opening for free by clicking here or on the cover:
A Kill in the Morning by Graeme Shimmin