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Alternative Spy Thriller Movie Posters

I love classic spy movies, but lots of them have poster art that’s old-fashioned. So I thought I’d reimagine the posters and produce some alternative movie posters in a cooler, more minimalist, iconic style. Here are the first few in a planned series covering all the classic spy thrillers.

Alternative Posters So Far


Alternative minimalist poster for the James Bond movie Skyfall

Zero Dark Thirty

Alternative Movie Poster for Zero Dark Thirty


Alternative Minimalist Movie Poster for Cypher staring Lucy Liu


Alternative Movie Poster for the Restless miniseries staring Hayley Atwell


Alternative minimalist movie poster for Salt starring Angelina Jolie

Spies of Warsaw

Alternative Movie Poster for Spies of Warsaw staring David Tennant


Alternative Poster for TV Drama Complicit starring David Oyelowo

What do you think?

If you’ve got a request for a poster please email me. If you think the ones I’ve already done are good then please share them using the buttons below.