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Legal Stuff

Who I am

See my biography.

Personal Information

I don’t collect personal information. I don’t share your data with anyone, and I don’t send your data anywhere, so that’s all simple enough.


As I don’t allow comments on the site, there’s no data collected and no privacy implications.


My site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to do stuff like provide anonymised tracking data to third-party applications like Google Analytics. It says stuff like “X number of people visited. Y came from Facebook. Here are some Google Searches that led people to your site.” That’s about it. If you don’t like cookies, then I suggest you either use private browsing or disable cookies in your browser. The¬†About Cookies website can offer further guidance.


I participate in the Amazon Associates Programme. If you buy anything via a link to Amazon on my site, I get a small cut. This fee is paid by Amazon, not you. However, I do have a little integrity. Every book/DVD/game on the site is one I have actually watched/read/played and is one I’d honestly recommend to my friends (although often with some caveats, which you can read in my reviews). For example, I’ve read a ton of books on writing and only recommend the handful that I found genuinely eye-opening.

Email Privacy

I have no intention whatsoever of either spamming people or of abusing their email details. Any emails that people send me that reveal their email addresses I use only to reply to them.


All the images and text on my site are either my own work (and so I own the copyright), copyright free, or fair use/fair dealing (i.e. used for criticism, review, quotation or scholarship).