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Black Helicopters – News About Spies

Black Helicopters is my Facebook page. It reports on spies, espionage, special forces and counter-terrorism operations, enabling readers to glimpse this secret world.

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Black Helicopters Manifesto

Some axioms of Black Helicopters:

  • Secrets are kept from us by the military and the intelligence agencies, by their very nature.
  • ‘Spin’ (a modern word for propaganda) is endemic in the world.
  • Covert Operations are an environment of realpolitik and expediency.
  • We may be the good guys but that doesn’t mean bad things aren’t done in our name.

Black Helicopters covers current and historical covert military operations and all types of espionage – fictional spies, real life spies, famous spies, infamous traitors and even forgotten spies. There are articles and news about spies, espionage, special forces and counter-terrorism operations, covering intelligence agencies like the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, and special forces units like Delta, SEALs and the SAS.

Is this crazy ‘truther’ stuff?

Not at all. Black Helicopters might look at how the Gulf of Tonkin Incident lead to the Vietnam War, or what exactly the CIA was doing in Nicaragua, but it won’t be looking at Obama’s birth certificate.

All news is from reputable, open sources, but I do sometimes include comment and opinion pieces, but I have no political affiliation or particular agenda. I do not subscribe to a conspiracy theory mindset, but where there is evidence that the official story is trying to mislead us I report what I believe to be the truth.

Why is it called Black Helicopters?

The name is an ironic reference to the fact that Black Helicopters covers topics that are sometimes derided as conspiracy theory. One of the most nonsensical conspiracy theories is that the United Nations is planning to invade the USA using a fleet of ‘Black Helicopters’.