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The Top Five Best James Bond Title Sequences

The James Bond title sequence, like much to do with the phenomenon that is James Bond movies, is iconic. You know you are watching a Bond movie just from seeing a few seconds of one.

The gun barrel sequence that preceded the pre-credits sequence in the classic films has, of course, become iconic in its own right. But the Daniel Craig Bond movies have moved away from the gun barrel sequence – integrating it into the opening in Casino Royale and relegating it to the end of the movie in Quantum of Solace and Skyfall.

The title sequences, usually with a memorable song and visuals, are more interesting as some work better than others. They’ve also moved with the times more, adding visual effects and computer generated imagery.

So, what makes a James Bond title sequence into one of the all-time great James Bond title sequences?

Three factors:

  • Theme music – it has to have a great song.
  • Silhouettes – these are part of the iconic nature, a must have.
  • Style – some James Bond title sequences are too generic, the best have a powerful theme.

Everyone’s top five James Bond title sequences are probably different, but here’s mine.

Fifth best James Bond title sequence: Goldfinger

Robert Brownjohn designed the title sequence for Goldfinger.

The images being reflected on the gold body make this one. Of course, the theme song is awesome too.

Fourth best James Bond title sequence: Goldeneye

Designed by Daniel Kleinman, the themes are mildly disturbing: mutant faces and Soviet symbols, all silhouetted with flame. The song isn’t the best ever, but it fits.

Third best James Bond title sequence: Quantum of Solace

Designed by American studio MK12, Quantum of Solace is the most classic of the recent Bond film intros. I love the long tracking shot of the bullet and I like the song.

Second best James Bond title sequence: The World is not Enough

Also designed by Daniel Kleinman. The girls made of oil in this one are great and I love the song.

Best James Bond title sequence ever: Diamonds are Forever

Designed by the original Bond title sequence designer Maurice Binder. Glittering Diamonds, slinky Persian Cats, iconic song – it all adds up to the perfect Bond title sequence.

Want to learn more?

The Art of Bond by Laurent Bouzereau has a wonderful chapter on the Bond title sequences. It’s available from Amazon US here. and on Amazon UK here.

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Agree, Disagree?

If you’d like to suggest a different top five, then please email me. Otherwise, feel free to share the page using the buttons below.