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Alternative James Bond Themes

Here’s some great Alternative James Bond Themes, songs that could easily have been used in the opening credits on James Bond movies. Many of them were actually considered by the producers, before being passed over in favour of the songs we all know.

Forever: Alternative Theme for Quantum of Solace

This is probably my favourite. It was written by Swedish songwriters Eva Almér and Christian Wolf and performed by Eva Almér in the style of classic Bond theme tunes. It was considered for Quantum of Solace, but eventually the producers chose a Another Way to Die by Alicia Keys & Jack White. In my opinion, Forever is the better Bond theme.

No Good About Goodbye: Another Alternative Theme for Quantum of Solace

According 007 composer David Arnold Shirley Bassey’s No Good About Goodbye was never seriously considered for Quantum of Solace but he was writing it at the time and finished it after the film was complete and it is in the style of a Bond theme.

The Juvenile: Alternative James Bond Theme for Goldeneye

The Juvenile was considered as the theme tune for Goldeneye. The band, Ace of Base, were advised by their label not to be associated with the ‘dying’ Bond franchise. Naturally, after getting such terrible advice, they were destined to fade into obscurity. The Bond version would probably have had different lyrics.

Cold War: Alternative theme for Skyfall

This song by Red is for Fire was not considered for Skyfall, but it is certainly in the style of recent Bond themes.

Alternative Theme For The World is Not Enough

Straw wrote this song for The World is Not Enough. A song with the same title by Garbage was chosen for the film instead.

History Repeating

The Propellerheads and Shirley Bassey produced this song History Repeating, which has a very Bond theme effect. Their version of Diamonds are Forever is also excellent.


And a slightly unusual one: this is Joss Stone’s opening credits song for the Bond video game Bloodstone. Which, technically, was a Bond theme, but it is obscure.

Surrender: Alternative Main Theme for Tomorrow Never Dies

K.D.Lang’s song Surrender was very nearly the main theme for Tomorrow Never Dies but was eventually relegated to the closing credits.

Supremacy: Alternative James Bond Theme for Skyfall

Muse’s Supremacy works brilliantly as a Skyfall Main Theme.

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