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Writing submissions: Revolutions Anthology 2015

The Manchester Speculative Fiction Group, of which I’m a member, is producing a showcase anthology. We are currently looking for writers to submit stories for inclusion.

The anthology will be called Revolutions, and will be published as an eBook and as a physical book in the second half of 2015.

This is what the cover will look like:

Writing submissions: Revolutions Anthology 2015

Anthologies: A Great Platform

Anthologies provide a great platform for emerging writers and are an important way for writers to market themselves, build a track record, and gain a following.

Being able to show that your writing has been published is also a good thing to be able to add to a covering letter when you’re looking for a literary agent or publisher, and we will be sending copies of Revolutions to all our contacts in the publishing industry.

The Revolutions anthology has open submissions, which means that anyone from anywhere in the world can submit a story for consideration, whether they are published or unpublished. There’s no charge for submitting a story and, in fact, we are paying for any stories accepted.

About Us

Manchester Speculative Fiction Group was established in 2010 and has helped several writers including Adam Christopher, to get commercially published. The editors of the anthology will be produced screenwriter Eric SteeleCraig Pay who has had many short stories published, and myself, the author of A Kill in the Morning.

Writing submissions: Conditions


The anthology will include science fiction, fantasy, horror, dystopian fiction, and slipstream stories. ‘Slipstream’, for those who don’t know, is fiction on the borders between speculative and mainstream fiction.

The only condition is that all writing submissions must have some link to Manchester, England. It could be a future Manchester, an alternative Manchester, a steampunk Manchester, any kind of Manchester, but there has to be some sort of connection to the area.


There is a £10 payment per story accepted – which makes any accepted stories a professional writing credit.

Other Conditions

We are looking for short stories of between 1,500 to 6,000 words in English.

Anyone over 18 can submit, and writing submissions will be accepted until 1st June 2015.

Poetry, non-fiction, and any submissions that don’t meet the requirements of the theme won’t be considered.

For more, see Manchester Speculative Fiction Writing Group

How to Submit

Please send your writing submissions to:


If you have any questions about submitting writing to the anthology, please email me. Otherwise, please feel free to share the article using the buttons below.