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A Kill in the Morning shortlisted for Terry Pratchett Prize

My book A Kill in the Morning has been shortlisted for the Terry Pratchett Prize!

Here’s a picture of a bemused me trying to absorb the news.

Graeme Shimmin on Terry Prachett Prize Shortlist

About the Terry Pratchett Prize

This is the description of the criteria for Terry Pratchett Prize:

Anywhere but here, anywhen but now. Which means we are after stories set on Earth, although it may be an Earth that might have been, or might yet be, one that has gone down a different leg of the famous trousers of time (see the illustration in almost every book about quantum theory).

Here’s the announcement from Terry Pratchett’s Facebook page.

Terry Pratchett Award shortlist: Jean Burdett, Sophie Constable, Alexander Maskill, Robin Pearson, Graeme Shimmin and Catherine Whittle

What is A Kill in the Morning about?

A Kill in the Morning is a spy thriller set in an altern­ate 1955, where the Second World War ended in 1941 with a peace treaty. The Nazis are still in power in Germany and engaged in a nuclear-armed cold war with Britain and the Soviet Union.

The logline is:

After unknown assailants assassinate his mentor, a British agent attempts to carry out a revenge attack on the chief of German secret service, but when he reaches Germany everything he thought he knew about the world is brought into question.

You can read more about it at: A Kill in the Morning.

What’s the Prize?

The winner of the Terry Pratchett Prize gets a publishing contract with Transworld Publishers, including a £20,000 advance.

Who chooses the winner?

The  judging panel includes Sir Terry Pratchett, Rob Wilkins, Editorial Director Simon Taylor, Publicist Lynsey Dalladay and Alex Veasey from The Forbidden Planet.

Who are Transworld Publishers?

Transworld Publishers are part of Random House. one of the biggest publishing houses in the world, they publish Terry Pratchett obviously, but also Dan Brown, Lee Child, Frederick Forsyth, Andy McNab and many other huge names.

What Happened Next?

Well put it this way: Transworld published A Kill in the Morning in June 2014! Read the opening for free by clicking here or on the cover:A Kill in the Morning by Graeme ShimminIf you’d like to buy A Kill in the Morning then:

Reviews? Thoughts?

If you’d like to discuss A Kill in the Morning, please email me. Otherwise feel free to share it using the buttons below.