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Posters for Writers – Phase Two

More Posters for Writers?

My first set of minimalist, typographically based posters for writers, were very popular, particularly on Pinterest.

So I thought I’d do some more. These new ones concentrate on the rewriting process and helping us to keep improving our stories.

I hope you like them.

Trying to Decide How to Start Your Story?

See my article on how start writing a story which builds on Ernest Hemingway’s advice.

One True Sentence

Finished your First Draft?

Well done! But don’t forget we need to copy edit our story too. MIchael Crichton thought seven drafts was the right number.

Books aren't written they're rewritten - Michael Crichton quote

Deadline Approaching?

It feels like a battle, so consider this advice from a real war.

Keep Calm and Keep Writing

Is Your First Draft Not as Good as You Hoped?

Nobody’s first draft is as good as they hoped for. Not even Ernest Hemingway’s.

The First Draft of Anything is Shit

Is Writing Driving You Mad?

Well that’s perfectly normal – you are a writer after all.

Some are called mad


If you’d like to request your favourite literary quote as a poster in a similar style, please email me . If you thought the ones I’ve already done were good then please share them using the buttons below.